Solar Control Glass

Richmond Oak Conservatories

You will probably have heard the expression.. “Conservatories are too cold in the Winter and too hot in the Summer?

That can be true and most are. But NOT a Richmond Oak Conservatory or hardwood Orangery.

The use of a conservatory depends upon maintaining a comfortable temperature by ensuring the design incorporates the correct combination of glazing material and ventilation.

Obviously, if your conservatory is on a north facing wall, in the shadow of a two storey house, then solar control glass will not be necessary but, you will require a glass with a good insulation value. At Richmond Oak, we always provide the correct glazing for whatever position your conservatory sits in relation to the Sun and our options include the highest available insulation glass and solar control glass in the domestic market today.

It is essential that you should invest the small extra for solar control glass, if your conservatory is exposed to sunlight for more than a few hours during the hottest period between 10am and 4pm. Richmond Oak Conservatories provide the highest specification Celcius solar control glass. If your conservatory is south facing, we recommend the soft blue tinted, Celcius Elite solar control glass for the roof which, on hot days, keeps out 78% of unwanted heat from the sun. However, it is also the most efficient argon gas filled, double glazing available, with a u value* of 0.9 kw/sq.m/hr. This is 25% more efficient than the glass being offered by most companies and 350% more efficient than most of the double glazing fitted during the past thirty years.

If you would prefer a clear solar control glass, such as on south facing side frames, or a Listed Building roof, we recommend Celcius Clear solar control glass, which keeps out 55% of unwanted heat and has a u value of 1.0 kw/sq.m/hr. Celcius Clear is approx. 300% more efficient than most double glazing installed and 18% more efficient than most glazing being provided. For more information on Celcius Clear solar control glass visit our conservatory glass

* What does a u value mean? All external surfaces of a building have an insulation value and a u value is a measure of heat loss in Kilowatts, per square metre, per hour. Single glazing typically loses 5.6 kilowatts per square metre, per hour. Double glazing installed during the 1960s, through to the 1980’s, typically lost heat at the rate of approx. 3 Kilowatts per square metre per hour. Whilst not widely used beforehand, Low-E glass (Low emissivity) and Argon gas filled sealed units, became mandatory with the introduction of new tougher Building Regulations in 2002 and windows installed after this period had to have a maximum of 2.2 Kilowatts heat loss per square metre, per hour, which was more recently been reduced to 1.6. Whilst, quite irresponsibly, these regulations do not apply to conservatory installations and as a result, a majority of  installers still fit glass of low efficiency, maintaining the myth that conservatories will always be ‘too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter’. At Richmond Oak Conservatories, we always provide you with the correct information and advice to ensure you are offered the most appropriate glass for your conservatory or orangery installation

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