Conservatory Roof Vents

Conservatory Roof Vents

Richmond Oak Conservatories

Why do you require Conservatory Roof Vents?

conservatory roof ventIf your conservatory is going to be anywhere but north facing, you should ensure you have at least one or even several conservatory roof vents to allow the warm air to exit the roof.

What most people don’t realise, is that two thirds of the heat in any room is in the top third of the room. Quite simply.. warm air rises… that’s why the floor is normally the coldest point the room. In a conservatory this is usually made worse by the fact that the warm air, just below the glazed roof is superheated by the sun hitting the roof… even with solar control glass, this is still the hottest point. The following applies, no matter the glazing material, glass or polycarbonate. Not that I recommend it, it’s possible to fry an egg on a glass roof. Continue reading

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