Conservatory Design Considerations

Hallmark Conservatories

Conservatory design considerations are an important aspect before you plan your conservatory.

In this section you will find information as it relates to your conservatory design considerations – please follow the links below:

Conservatory Design
You may already have an idea of the conservatory design you would like for your home, or you may be constrained in your choice if you have a period property and it is necessary to match it with a traditional conservatory of the same period.

Conservatory Uses & Types
Adding a conservatory to your home can be the simplest way of adding space to it as well as being the most cost effective way of doing so. There are many conservatory uses & types available.

Conservatory Size
Most people overestimate the conservatory size that they are planning. We recommend measuring existing internal room sizes so you can more easily visualise the size and what furnishings you can accommodate within your plan.

Conservatory Positioning
The advice here applies to conservatories built in the northern hemisphere; you will have to reverse the answers if you live in the southern hemisphere.

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