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Since our last brochure ran out in 2006 and as 99% of our enquiries come via the internet, both for environmental and economic reasons, we no longer send out printed conservatory brochures. Instead, we took a policy decision to concentrate on producing the best and most informative websites on conservatories in the world. Something I believe we have now achieved and which has substantially increased our enquiry level, since doing so. Below you will find more information about our main conservatory websites and photo gallery.

The downside of printed brochures versus the benefits of a website Gallery:

Including design, artwork, compilation, print, handling and mailing costs, good quality brochures can cost anything between £20 and £30 each to produce depending upon volumes.  Sending these out to all our enquiries will cost Ten’s of Thousands of Pounds every year and, guess what, it’s the customer’s that purchase a conservatory who are paying for all those brochures sitting on coffee tables and filed in wastepaper bins of those people who don’t. Once a website has been designed and uploaded, it costs less than £100 a year to maintain.

A printed brochure is usually out of date within a few weeks of printing, because there’s always a new project being completed that isn’t in it. Plus it has a limit on size and number of photo’s which can be displayed. Now that we have the internet, we can update a website with new information, additional pages and photos, within minutes. Our Gallery has well over 1,000 photographs of Conservatories, Orangeries and Garden Rooms, installed by Richmond Oak.

The ‘Bigger, Better, Glossier looking Brochure’ syndrome. It’s very easy for all of us to be subjectively influenced by the quality of the printed matter a company produces, into believing their work is superior. Over the years we have observed that a lot of companies who produced very attractive brochures, produced inferior conservatories and many of those companies are no longer around. Poor workmanship and High marketing costs… not surprising really.

Finally, but not least importantly, being a major supplier of timber conservatories, we are an environmentally  friendly company and don’t wish to be responsibly for the unnecessary cutting down of hundreds of trees.

So, bearing all this in mind, Printed Brochures don’t make good sense, do they? The following websites are our main showcase sites.

This is the website you are on now and has been design to provide a wide variety of information and advice, much of which will also be geared to the professional enquirer, which will be accessible though a passworded login, available on request.

This is our Gallery website, packed with well over 1,000 photos of finished installations and includes many 360 degree Virtual Tours. This shows probably the biggest variety of conservatory, orangery and garden room designs in a variety of materials, from any single company. Our unique specialism of working in properly seasoned oak have won us several prestigious awards, making us the market leader in this area and every one of the timber conservatories in this gallery was designed, constructed and installed by Richmond Oak.  We are very proud of the unique designs and quality of work we do and we are adding photos there every month.

This has been described by many as the Authority Conservatory Website, with over 400 pages of information, most of which is naturally geared to the design of Oak Conservatories. However, there is hundreds of pages of information on all sorts of conservatory related subjects, including, flooring, underfloor heating, blinds, etc.

This website describes some of the features of traditional orangeries.

Conservatory Photos @ from Conservatory Advice