Site Visits or Advice Long Distance

Richmond Oak Conservatories

At Richmond Oak Conservatories, we are able to provide site visits or advice long distance from photographs

Where we have a Designer within a reasonable distance, he will normally contact you to arrange a site visit to discuss your requirements and budgets, carry out a site survey and take photographs. Normally, our designer will get back with you within 14 days, with a 3D visual rendering of our interpretation of your requirements. It’s at this stage your feedback is very important to us, as there is almost nothing we can’t build, but it’s imperative that we meet your aspirations, so telling us your thoughts are an essential part of the process. Your prompt response is always appreciated, so that we can go through the process whilst fresh in all our minds. Where possible, we do ask you to email photos, or any drawings you might already have of the proposed site before we visit. This enables us to give thought to the possibilities before we arrive and leads to a more constructive conversation whilst with you.

Long Distance, or Overseas Enquiries:

Whilst, we are happy to arrange a visit and not at all complacent to do so, for practical reasons and the most economic use of our time, we now frequently do our initial exploratory long-distance work providing advice from drawings and/or digital photographs, which can be emailed to us at or sent directly to the designer dealing with your enquiry. Hard copies of drawings can be sent to Century House, 38 London Road, Hailsham, BN27 3BW.  Usually within 72 hours of receiving the information, our designer will then call you back with the photos on screen and will have the same sort of discussion that he would have had standing in your garden, but without the associated time driving (or flying). Together, you can then make a decision as to whether an initial visit is necessary. Please Note: We will only deal with enquiries where we are provide with full contact information, including address and telephone number.  For a Speedy Response, you could complete our Contact Us form where you will be provided with a unique ID and an opportunity to upload files after completion of the form.

Photographs and Drawings:

Please feel free to provide as many pictures as you feel are appropriate. However, whenever possible, three preferred views are: The front of the house, so we can get a feel for the property; A fairly square on view of the house to where you require the conservatory to be situated and a view, standing with your back to the wall, facing your garden, so we can see what you see. Any other drawings or information you have will be helpful. I’ve created a 4 minute video showing how to upload and email photos, which can be found at

3D Concept Drawings:

Whilst some designs still require manual drawings and pricing, in most cases, we are able to produce 3D concept drawings using special bespoke conservatory design software, which we have developed. In many cases, we are able to superimpose these on a photograph, so you can see exactly what your proposed conservatory will look like on your home. The same software has been designed to accurately price the proposed project, once you have agreed on the design.

Conservatory Photos @ from Conservatory Advice